Saturday, December 28, 2013

Preparing for the New Year - part 1

2014 - the New Year !
It is going to bring a lot of new things and exciting opportunities, I already feel this now ..... So .....  I am going to prepare hard ! I am going to keep checklists and to-do lists or I might even forget half the things I ought to do ..... First thing ..... only 4 more sleeps to go ..... SOUL FOOD ! I will be just one of the amazing 38 artist-chefs that will be teaching their art, sharing their favorite recipes and sharing their soul with you basically so check out the link and come and join if you like what you're reading. Doing it all is going to be even more fun ! I will be back to keep you posted on this and other news, so if you haven't signed up to follow my blog, do it now (submit at the top right corner ;)

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  1. Is NOT sleeping waiting for class to start :D XXX


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