Thursday, December 25, 2014

Peaceful Christmas after mad rush

Today I am enjoying a very very slow and peaceful Christmas after a very mad and busy time before leading up to this quiet time. I just want to wish everybody else, all my friends, family, students and others that might read this blog some meaningful time to spend with loved ones. I have been feeling very rushed and very scattered lately and was longing so much for some quiet time again to spend on my kids, my man, my soul, my spirit, my heart. So I might not be "present" on line much, but I am present and around. So if you wish to get hold of me I am here. At the moment I am just in need of some deeper thinking and soul searching rather than much of the malarkey on social media. I hope you understand. I wish all of you a blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year !

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Planning for 2015

I have a million of things to do and to plan for the time towards 2015 and for the year 2015. So I saw these and thought of getting some of her  products >>>>> so I thought that could also share them here with you. Leonie's programs have proven to work for many many women, so you might like to consider joining some or one of these. Just click on the images to check out more about it :)

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Good news: I found someone who’s showing us exactly how to make it happen. :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

21 Secrets SPRING 2015

Tadadadadaaaaaaaaa !!!! ...remember I said I had a secret a little while ago........ well, this is it
(or one of them, more secrets to follow;)
I am one of the teachers in 21 Secrets Spring 2015 ! Art journaling workshop extraordinaire ! and it's on sale now - pre sale - you can sign up through my link here :D check it out !!! All the info is on the site if you follow any of these links, just click on one of the three images in this post :) It would be so awesome if you join me and all the other teachers ! It's going to be Fun !

Monday, November 17, 2014



Houses, oh houses, the place we call home, we make our nest, our sanctuary.
I seem to have a lot of houses on my mind...I dream about them even.
This is one that just appeared when I started playing on some fresco-plaster prepped page in my journal. Also, I am working on a commission with a house and of course I made this mixed media work back in March this year, a work I still love dearly, but the house is not ours, so....

"our Sanctuary" - mixed media on wood
 ... my personal wish is to one day buy a home for the family, so that we can just stay and settle down a bit. After all the moving here and there after the quakes I feel the need for some "stable footing" Fingers crossed I find a way to make this wish come true ;) But then of course, wherever those dear to my heart peeps are, I will call home always no matter what

Friday, November 14, 2014


"King of the Roost - Haantje de Voorste"

Cockadoodledoo - in English
Kukeleku - in Dutch
Cocorico - in French
all pretty funny words for the sound a rooster makes in the morning, telling us it is a new day ! Here is my chiaroscuro study of a rooster portrait I recently did. The original sold, but prints are still available from my Society6 site, check it out. I started being more and more fond of our chickens and rooster, they are real characters, so I will probably use them as my muse a few more times. Here's another rooster item that will be in my Etsy shop soon. A funky treasurebox {more pics in the listing}
I am working a lot at the moment to make loads of original Christmas and just because gifts, stay tuned and check out any of my on-line shops  or if you are in the area, stop by the studio ;)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Fairy Tales and Stories

Mixed Media with encaustic finishing - 120 x 30 cm stretched canvas
 This week I finally found some time to finish two paintings themed on fairy tales. I had been working on these for a while now, but busy times prevented me to spend a little one on one time with them to check them over and call them finished. A little sort of ritual I need to do, a final check list and then adding little finishing touches or changing small details and choosing the correct varnish or top layer for the work. I can then feel okay enough to move on to other works again. And yeah, I have a few waiting....

The first one is "the Princess on the Pea"
The Princess....
The pea ;)
 the other one is loosely inspired by Sleeping Beauty
I call it "The Midnight Kiss"
"the Midnight Kiss" - mixed media on stretched canvas


 It made me feel like doing a few more Fairy some ideas already, great way to dream away in stress-y times

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

practicing, exercising and teaching

Miss Pippi can - reclaimed can art
Life has been full, full of art, full of learning and sharing and teaching. With my classes I teach this term we started with Vincent van Gogh inspired works. Which meant I had to refresh my steps as well and dive back into his style of painting.
detail of a pollard willow - van Gogh study
van Gogh sunflowers study in acrylics
  Sometimes we need to and with this practicing outside of comfort zones, we find little bits we can keep in our works. I love that about sharing and teaching. I have also been refreshing on my colour studies and found a new love for colour charts. They are great for getting you through inspiration lows I found. 
Zorn limited palette study
So with all the classes each week and other commitments with the family and with work I have found only little time for my own art. Last Sunday we had a lovely French themed art market in the Historic Village where I have my studio. Great fun seeing many people enjoying the long weekend here. I had a stall with my Angels (they are "grounded" enough and wouldn't fly away in the wind)
my stall at the Arts market

So onto a new week again, with the kids classes we are heading to the skies....keep posted, I will share soon :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Paintbrush Pippi

from a reclaimed broken paintbrush
Had a little bit of fun with a broken brush I didn't want to throw away ;)
This cute Pippi-esque doll came out, I rather like her

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

the humble ceramic pitcher

with broad brushstrokes

I made this ceramic oil pitcher some years ago at ceramics class, build it up from coils and glazed simply black. I always liked the shape. It had a little companion jug with it, but that one didn't survive the quakes. So this little jug is rather special to me. I have been using it as a still life object for some studies I have been making for my latest course, unearthing, gathering, creating

I thought I'll share with you the different looks a little humble jug can have
I never go for true likeness, to me there are photocameras for that, I like my art to be what I see and so you'll notice that I don't always see the jug the same either. It depends often on my moods too.
1) monochromatic - 2) achromatic - 3) narrow analogue - 4) wide analogue - 5) complementary - 6) acrylics - 7) underpainting - 8) glazes

Friday, October 3, 2014

Brave and Boxtrolls

This week I sent off this Angel "Brave Lass" a commission for a Scottish home in Christchurch {yes she might be inspired by "Brave" the movie, what can I say, I love cartoons} 

also:  I went to see the Boxtrolls with the children and how awesome is that movie ! I love, love, love stop motion creations. I will have to go find my stop motion clay and make another attempt I feel. My first stop motion project was so small, maybe I can manage a little more this time.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

working on more Santos Dolls

Santos dolls works in progress

I am working on more dolls, so stay tuned, will share when they are finished

Sunday, September 7, 2014

little Santos

I am playing around making some Santos Art dolls at the moment too. 
I have two still as works in progress and 
here's one little one I made from a wooden dolly peg and some popsicle sticks
{handmade the crown from a bit of rusty gutter}
and here she is showing all her sides: 
The Bethlehem College Art Exhibition {see previous post} finished today and I am so happy that "Hope" might have found a new home to go to. I will miss her

Saturday, August 30, 2014

new Angels for Bethlehem Art exhibition


"Stairway to Heaven"
These are the two new Angel paintings I entered in the Bethlehem College Art Exhibition 2014 that opened at the Cargo Shed on the waterfront downtown Tauranga yesterday. The exhibition runs for a week and all the artworks are for sale as a fundraiser for the College. If you have a moment, go check it out, it has a great variety of art on display, you'll love it !

Thursday, August 28, 2014

There is more .....

"There is more..." ©Joyce van der Lely 2014

I think I am finished with my mixed media expressive {abstract} landscape 
It started with some shapes of rusted copper gutter that looked like a landscape / coastline of some sort, it grew into this, the sky just appeared as I was working on it and I started liking this sky, so worked on it some more. 
{24 x 36 inch stretched canvas}
Had a ball, so will work on some more of these soon, when time permits

in the studio - working on "There is more..."

Thursday, August 7, 2014

I am woman

" I am woman " {Mother Earth}

Finished this piece today (finally) ....I have quite a few works still in progress and I want to start making a little more space for new works again. My studio is getting too small with all the classes I am teaching and the student's works that stay while in progress...time for a little cleaning up. I will post some works on a regular basis, sometimes here, sometimes on my Facebook page, they'll all be available to purchase, so if there is anything you see and like, let me know !
↓ Dream :

Friday, August 1, 2014

What I read and what I paint

soft pastels - detail of a portrait

The world is dark, that makes me dark too, so at the moment I am hiding in books and lots of art. Art is my daily job but also my passion and my escape. But lately I have been lost rather deeply in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy by Laini Taylor. I love the amazing array of scenery and creatures that are described and the gripping story on top (for those who love fiction of course, of which I am one for sure)
soft pastels - Gouda

This does not leave me a lot of time to socialize in the various on line places I usually dwell, but I will be back my friends, as soon as I finish reading the 3rd book.... by then I will feel lost and sad of course, as I always do after having escaped into the world of papers and letters, but also newly inspired for my art. Talking about art, I am still teaching 8 classes a week and the workshops on Saturdays and "on the side" I am getting paintings ready for the Bethlehem College Art Exhibition opening 30 August in the Cargo Shed - Tauranga and the "Independent Artist's Winter exhibition" opening 24 August in Baycourt Theater - Tauranga. I am also still enjoying the Unearthing studies, at the moment doing a lot of charcoal and soft pastel works. Love, love everything ! .... and again I am trying to find those extra hours here and extra minutes there. So for now, I will just post a few images here for you to enjoy and you can always come check my facebook page for quick updates. Blessings to all my lovely readers and supporters I appreciate you all more than you know xx <3

Rientje - soft pastels

Monday, July 21, 2014

What I see - What I feel - What I hear part 2

Driftwood Angel -"She's got the whole world ...."
 work in progress

Last post's title feels very fitting still.
From what I hear and see happening in the world, I feel rather dark, monochromatic or even achromatic at the moment.
These words fit both my emotions as well as my latest still life exercises that fill me with the necessary peace. Art warms my dark feelings, I am so grateful for having my art. Always, but especially at times like this.

my ceramic oil pitcher - achromatic study
 - more images of my studies and still life inspirations on my Pinterest HERE 

In other news:

what I do {and you can do too}

If you missed signing up for Soul Food 2014, you can now get my mini workshop " a Tea and Coffee Party" here
just click on the thumbnail image and follow the instructions.
It's a relaxing and uplifting project supported by clear instructions in downloadable videos, templates and written text in a private classroom
a tea and coffee party - mini workshop - on line

Saturday, July 12, 2014

What I see - What I feel - What I hear

I am deeply enjoying my renewed love for charcoal and soft by my newest artist friend Gillian. Here are three dark to light portraits I did this week. The names of the works are a little play on "audi, vide, tace {hear, see, be silent }

"What I see"
"What I feel"
"What I hear"

Saturday, July 5, 2014

making marks

detail of "Guardian" in charcoal and white pastel

I am making a mark here, a mark there, trying to make marks everywhere....
Yes I know, I have been a very erratic blogger. At some time I used to blog lots and then now....I am very slack. Of course with Facebook, news has become very short and to the point. Little comments or status updates. It's easy to just hop in for a few minutes and get up to date with everybody real quick. But then at times it is actually rather nice to write a little more about stuff. Like at the moment I am "back at school" so to speak. I enrolled in the summer school (allthough it's winter here in NZ) with Gillian Cox and I am loving it ! 

Back to the start again, great refreshing exercises , playing with lots of charcoals, making bold marks, re visiting the meaning of my art. Of course I have to squash the lessons and exercises in my "free" moments between my own classes and workshops, but I feel extra energy to do this. I also started Studying under the Masters, but have to really start putting time in that yet. The extra energy does not provide me with more hours unfortunately. I feel it necessary to keep learning myself to stay a good teacher to my students, I don't want to become stale of course. So I will now hop from behind the computer and go do some sketching again. Will try and blog a little more regularly again from now on. In the mean time you can of course always follow my page on FB. just click the link HERE