Saturday, January 25, 2014

Heart in the City

For HeART in the City 
(a collaboration between the Heart Foundation, Downtown Tauranga and Creative Tauranga) I made these two paintings
Lovers-i- ' The Seabed ' 10 x 30 inch canvas
Lovers-ii- ' Finding You' 15 x 30 inch canvas

Thursday, January 23, 2014

and time starts flying again...

so many ideas, so many projects started, so little time....but I am having FUN and for now I will keep being busy.  Getting some paintings ready for different exhibits and teaching classes, getting prepared for the after school classes when school term starts again and sometimes I find a little time to sleep ;)
Here's a semi abstract  I recently made on canvas. 'Tall Poppy' 60 x 90 cm with loads of textured layers.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

and the year is in full swing

Collage cake - from handpainted collage sheets
This week at my studio I started the Summer Art School-holiday classes for the kids {and adults, but mostly kids} Also... I am still working on a cluster of paintings for various exhibits and then of course there is Soul Food : Fun Fun Fun ! Allthough I am alrady a bit behind with those, but I will catch up no doubt. Also.....I got the invites for my solo exhibit coming up next month ! Exciting times ! So if I am not here so much, you know why....but I'll try to post some news regularly {or just check my Facebook page}

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Into the New Year

 So without me even noticing ..... 2014 has come and started and I haven't even been here at all ! Of course Soul Food started just before the year ended and I can tell you that has been a blast so far ! The perks of being one of the teaching artists is that I also get to play with the others ;) We are only into the second week and it is fun Fun FUN ! 39 artists teaching their styles and sharing tricks and recipes, really this should be one workshop collection you want to be part of 
{hint hint...sign up HERE}  

'What the world needs now ...'
{limited edition print available click image}




The first class ↑ was by Mystele Kirkeeng, go check her out she is the sweetest ☼ soul  and makes amazing gut art ♥ The second class was by Gwenn Seemel she's got a very distinctive style and she showed a style I never tried much at all, mark making / sketching with feltpens and markers. This challenge is so much FUN ! I have to do more. 

The next class I still have to start with because I also went back to the studio after having a few days around Christmas and New Years of to spend with the family. So full on back into the paintings for my upcoming solo exhibit....'cause next week the school holiday classes will start comes first of course.