Sunday, February 16, 2014

First Solo exhibition - Stolen Moments -

I haven't been here for a while ..... been very busy getting all my works ready for my first solo exhibition. Because of the way I have to "steal" time to work on my own creations, I named the exhibit "Stolen Moments" and it opened today.

the guestbook
yes, one of the reclaimed woodblock books - so I will have one to keep myself
 The works are all somehow connected, they all have a reference to a stolen moment, a thought, a wish, a dream. Feelings mostly of course, 'cause that's how I work or what I put into my work. It was a warm, or rather hot afternoon, so I was very pleased with a steady stream of supporting visitors. Two pieces sold on opening day and I know some have ended up on wishlists. So now I am pretty tired and glad I can relax a little, but you all know that won't last long, I cannot sit still, my hands need to create. If you like to look at more photos, you will find them on my art/fanpage on Facebook (HERE) 

"Spent"  - Miss Pippi crashed on a chair

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