Monday, March 31, 2014

the Sanctuary - Soul Food and Stuff

Art heals and this is so true! it might sound cliche and all, but it happened again for me just recently. Ever since we had to hastily move house last year and the fact so many things were not working, not kept, needed attention and repairs. It made it super hard for me to get connected to this new place. But then is "Soul Food" a very cool group of about 39 artists (including me, yay !) each teaching a workshop (and the head-chefs a few more ;) One of the classes (by Regina Lord) was to paint a house and collage bits of personal meaning into the shape of the house. Now I have never been great at loads of collage in a work nor a huge fan either, but I do like challenges and I stick with the instructions as much as I can. Slowly ~ ~ slowly I added bits and slowly ~ ~ slowly I started to like our house more and more. It grew on me so, that I actually started to see it for what it really is...our Sanctuary. So this is exactly what art can do for you, what it can mean to you and your soul. It's an awesome feeling -okay go on fuzzy, fluffy, pink and soft stuff etc. if you will- for me it feels just really great, grounded, true, real, grateful all that kinda stuff. You know if you are keen to join, there still is time, you can work your way through the videos whenever you please and as fast or slow as you want. The group is open to sign up still for today, HURRY HURRY !!!! and videos and classrooms on-line are going to be available to you until 31 December 2014, so PLENTY of time ! The great thing is the classes are all so different, each and every sous-chef brings something ales to the worktable. You get challenged to do something you'd otherwise not even give a second thought, just like this project, I would not have done it without Soul Food and I would not have seen our place in this way. So I am really grateful for this, and I actually am happy with how the project turned out as well. Other stuff that has kept me pretty busy are of course my classes I teach "live" from my studio and the school. If you are in the area (kids and adults) > check out my art-school site Young at ArT for the latest schedules of the classes and workshops. Of course you can also follow the school, myself and Soul Food on Facebook {links are in the side tabs}
Have a wonderful and creative day !
Chanel girl - portrait in oil pastels 8x12 inch

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  1. Found your blog today and I absolutely love your work!! I truly will visit often!


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