Monday, May 19, 2014

to top it off

I am in a pondering kinda mood.....
So I recently sold a few paintings that made me think a little. 
When is it okay to adjust your work ? Is there a rule at all ?
See, normally I would never change anything for the sake of selling. When I make something, that's it, take it or leave it / love it or hate it. But in this case.... the green mermaid that already had a bikini-top originally didn't either and before I finished her I clothed her for the sake of my kids who kept asking why all my mermaids were topless. The other one stayed topless until the lady that liked to purchase her asked if I could please give her a top as well, for her children's sake...and I complied....I have no hard feelings, I think she looks lovely either way, but did I stay true to myself ? {in both cases} Is it okay to let yourself be influenced by anybody, even immediate family ?

"mermaid garden" - before

"mermaid garden" -after

"the abyss"
"a sirens treasure box"

Sunday, May 18, 2014

we are safe

"we are safe" - inspired by Mystele at soul food 2014

My Soul Food lesson is about to go live soon !!! This Monday 19th May should see it air :D 
So excited and nervous to see how it will be received......

live monday 19 may !

Saturday, May 10, 2014

busy times with loads of art

"Holy Night"
Yes I have been and still are very busy, but busy with lots of art, which is good !
Soul Food is just amazing ! my lessons for this collective are waiting to go live next week, classes for term 2 have also started again this week and I am developing some new ideas. It feels good., keeps me warm now that the weather starts to become colder here in the southern hemisphere.  I need to focus though, when I get overinspired like this, I can hardly sleep and get sidetracked easily too, scatterbrained if you will. So perhaps I will just go and have a bit of a sleep in this Sunday. 
But first I want to share a few images with you ;) 
of course you can always find me on facebook and pinterest too.
"She protects" art doll

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Soul Food variety

In this post I would like to talk about the wonderful variety of art projects in Soul Food. The 35+ artists all sharing an art class/project are a real inspiration. It is such a great way to get acquainted with techniques you would otherwise not try or have known about, it's really refreshing. I love it ! I am also grateful to be one of the Soul Food sous chefs {my class will be going live a little later this month} That also means I have been extra busy getting all the videos done and edited, and yes, of course just at a time like this the computer starts to protest....but I don't give up, so this last week quite a few more hours spent to get it all they are uploading as I am typing this post. If you didn't make it this time to register for Soul Food, I would strongly suggest to do so next year. Here are just a few of the projects:  

"Party Hat" project from Ayala's Art class

"Ghost fish" {from Roberta Liberte's class - Koi fish}

new banner I made as part of my art videos intro