Saturday, May 10, 2014

busy times with loads of art

"Holy Night"
Yes I have been and still are very busy, but busy with lots of art, which is good !
Soul Food is just amazing ! my lessons for this collective are waiting to go live next week, classes for term 2 have also started again this week and I am developing some new ideas. It feels good., keeps me warm now that the weather starts to become colder here in the southern hemisphere.  I need to focus though, when I get overinspired like this, I can hardly sleep and get sidetracked easily too, scatterbrained if you will. So perhaps I will just go and have a bit of a sleep in this Sunday. 
But first I want to share a few images with you ;) 
of course you can always find me on facebook and pinterest too.
"She protects" art doll

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