Monday, May 19, 2014

to top it off

I am in a pondering kinda mood.....
So I recently sold a few paintings that made me think a little. 
When is it okay to adjust your work ? Is there a rule at all ?
See, normally I would never change anything for the sake of selling. When I make something, that's it, take it or leave it / love it or hate it. But in this case.... the green mermaid that already had a bikini-top originally didn't either and before I finished her I clothed her for the sake of my kids who kept asking why all my mermaids were topless. The other one stayed topless until the lady that liked to purchase her asked if I could please give her a top as well, for her children's sake...and I complied....I have no hard feelings, I think she looks lovely either way, but did I stay true to myself ? {in both cases} Is it okay to let yourself be influenced by anybody, even immediate family ?

"mermaid garden" - before

"mermaid garden" -after

"the abyss"
"a sirens treasure box"


  1. I'm so sorry it's taken so long to visit this post Joyce.Sifting through the rubbish in my inbox is a nightmare but I have stopped anon comments now so hopefully that will sort most of the spam.


    I think if someone is paying you, like a commission, then probably you have to really accommodate what they want. Up to a point. I think you were really nice to paint the top on your mermaid. If you had a show or whatever and had paintings listed I would think they would then be sold as is? So YOUR interpretation for sale.

    I say all this - all my sales have been to the same lovely person and I have showed her along the way so I am pretty inexperienced.

    Personally I like both - am a huge fan of your art. But prefer the top off - if my children asked why all the mermaids were naked - I would say they don't have clothes shops under the Sea. And the human (and mermaid) body is beautiful ;)

  2. my mermaids are always topless, I guess I think of them as some kind of fish, and fish don´t wear clothes. but I love your mermaids both ways, with tops on, and without. it´s doesn´t look like an after construction, it looks great. I don´t think I would change a finished piece of art, unless it´s a commission, I always gives the buyer a final say, if they like it, if there´s something they might want to change. but yes, it´s difficult to draw the line - after all, I do want to sell my art.


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