Saturday, June 14, 2014

Angels keep appearing

detail - stairway to heaven

Somehow Angels keep appearing in my art. Lately they just appear in my background strokes and then I let myself get carried away with them. I made "Holy Night" which got loved by many and is now traveling to Canada.

oh, Holy Night

For those who liked this one a lot : Prints are now available HERE.
Next one to show herself was "Stairway to Heaven" on vinyl, she now will move to the States.

stairway to heaven



And then in combination with a little vinyl record "Colourmaker"

kleurmaker - colourmaker

I have decided that I will keep that one myself. But I am currently working on a few canvasses and they also seem to have caught Angels within. I feel very blessed having all these Guardians around me, they comfort me and make me feel grateful allover.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

stains and prints

"Pods" - monoprint on gelliplate play background

I have been busy still with Soul Food and live classes !
My Soul Food class aired, I offered a Coffee and Tea Party :)
Of course if you are part of Soul Food you will have seen my project, if you are will have to wait a little longer...I might offer this as a small on-line class after Soul Food has finished - stay tuned

I also have been teaching my many live classes and workshops

Encaustics last week :

and yesterday we did printmaking. Loads of fun of course, used stamp cutting, lino cutting and printing :) Also used my newly made gelli plates, how much fun are those ! more photos are HERE

6.3x6.3 inch handmade gelliplate - works a delight !