Monday, July 21, 2014

What I see - What I feel - What I hear part 2

Driftwood Angel -"She's got the whole world ...."
 work in progress

Last post's title feels very fitting still.
From what I hear and see happening in the world, I feel rather dark, monochromatic or even achromatic at the moment.
These words fit both my emotions as well as my latest still life exercises that fill me with the necessary peace. Art warms my dark feelings, I am so grateful for having my art. Always, but especially at times like this.

my ceramic oil pitcher - achromatic study
 - more images of my studies and still life inspirations on my Pinterest HERE 

In other news:

what I do {and you can do too}

If you missed signing up for Soul Food 2014, you can now get my mini workshop " a Tea and Coffee Party" here
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It's a relaxing and uplifting project supported by clear instructions in downloadable videos, templates and written text in a private classroom
a tea and coffee party - mini workshop - on line

Saturday, July 12, 2014

What I see - What I feel - What I hear

I am deeply enjoying my renewed love for charcoal and soft by my newest artist friend Gillian. Here are three dark to light portraits I did this week. The names of the works are a little play on "audi, vide, tace {hear, see, be silent }

"What I see"
"What I feel"
"What I hear"

Saturday, July 5, 2014

making marks

detail of "Guardian" in charcoal and white pastel

I am making a mark here, a mark there, trying to make marks everywhere....
Yes I know, I have been a very erratic blogger. At some time I used to blog lots and then now....I am very slack. Of course with Facebook, news has become very short and to the point. Little comments or status updates. It's easy to just hop in for a few minutes and get up to date with everybody real quick. But then at times it is actually rather nice to write a little more about stuff. Like at the moment I am "back at school" so to speak. I enrolled in the summer school (allthough it's winter here in NZ) with Gillian Cox and I am loving it ! 

Back to the start again, great refreshing exercises , playing with lots of charcoals, making bold marks, re visiting the meaning of my art. Of course I have to squash the lessons and exercises in my "free" moments between my own classes and workshops, but I feel extra energy to do this. I also started Studying under the Masters, but have to really start putting time in that yet. The extra energy does not provide me with more hours unfortunately. I feel it necessary to keep learning myself to stay a good teacher to my students, I don't want to become stale of course. So I will now hop from behind the computer and go do some sketching again. Will try and blog a little more regularly again from now on. In the mean time you can of course always follow my page on FB. just click the link HERE