Saturday, August 30, 2014

new Angels for Bethlehem Art exhibition


"Stairway to Heaven"
These are the two new Angel paintings I entered in the Bethlehem College Art Exhibition 2014 that opened at the Cargo Shed on the waterfront downtown Tauranga yesterday. The exhibition runs for a week and all the artworks are for sale as a fundraiser for the College. If you have a moment, go check it out, it has a great variety of art on display, you'll love it !

Thursday, August 28, 2014

There is more .....

"There is more..." ©Joyce van der Lely 2014

I think I am finished with my mixed media expressive {abstract} landscape 
It started with some shapes of rusted copper gutter that looked like a landscape / coastline of some sort, it grew into this, the sky just appeared as I was working on it and I started liking this sky, so worked on it some more. 
{24 x 36 inch stretched canvas}
Had a ball, so will work on some more of these soon, when time permits

in the studio - working on "There is more..."

Thursday, August 7, 2014

I am woman

" I am woman " {Mother Earth}

Finished this piece today (finally) ....I have quite a few works still in progress and I want to start making a little more space for new works again. My studio is getting too small with all the classes I am teaching and the student's works that stay while in progress...time for a little cleaning up. I will post some works on a regular basis, sometimes here, sometimes on my Facebook page, they'll all be available to purchase, so if there is anything you see and like, let me know !
↓ Dream :

Friday, August 1, 2014

What I read and what I paint

soft pastels - detail of a portrait

The world is dark, that makes me dark too, so at the moment I am hiding in books and lots of art. Art is my daily job but also my passion and my escape. But lately I have been lost rather deeply in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy by Laini Taylor. I love the amazing array of scenery and creatures that are described and the gripping story on top (for those who love fiction of course, of which I am one for sure)
soft pastels - Gouda

This does not leave me a lot of time to socialize in the various on line places I usually dwell, but I will be back my friends, as soon as I finish reading the 3rd book.... by then I will feel lost and sad of course, as I always do after having escaped into the world of papers and letters, but also newly inspired for my art. Talking about art, I am still teaching 8 classes a week and the workshops on Saturdays and "on the side" I am getting paintings ready for the Bethlehem College Art Exhibition opening 30 August in the Cargo Shed - Tauranga and the "Independent Artist's Winter exhibition" opening 24 August in Baycourt Theater - Tauranga. I am also still enjoying the Unearthing studies, at the moment doing a lot of charcoal and soft pastel works. Love, love everything ! .... and again I am trying to find those extra hours here and extra minutes there. So for now, I will just post a few images here for you to enjoy and you can always come check my facebook page for quick updates. Blessings to all my lovely readers and supporters I appreciate you all more than you know xx <3

Rientje - soft pastels