Tuesday, October 28, 2014

practicing, exercising and teaching

Miss Pippi can - reclaimed can art
Life has been full, full of art, full of learning and sharing and teaching. With my classes I teach this term we started with Vincent van Gogh inspired works. Which meant I had to refresh my steps as well and dive back into his style of painting.
detail of a pollard willow - van Gogh study
van Gogh sunflowers study in acrylics
  Sometimes we need to and with this practicing outside of comfort zones, we find little bits we can keep in our works. I love that about sharing and teaching. I have also been refreshing on my colour studies and found a new love for colour charts. They are great for getting you through inspiration lows I found. 
Zorn limited palette study
So with all the classes each week and other commitments with the family and with work I have found only little time for my own art. Last Sunday we had a lovely French themed art market in the Historic Village where I have my studio. Great fun seeing many people enjoying the long weekend here. I had a stall with my Angels (they are "grounded" enough and wouldn't fly away in the wind)
my stall at the Arts market

So onto a new week again, with the kids classes we are heading to the skies....keep posted, I will share soon :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Paintbrush Pippi

from a reclaimed broken paintbrush
Had a little bit of fun with a broken brush I didn't want to throw away ;)
This cute Pippi-esque doll came out, I rather like her

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

the humble ceramic pitcher

with broad brushstrokes

I made this ceramic oil pitcher some years ago at ceramics class, build it up from coils and glazed simply black. I always liked the shape. It had a little companion jug with it, but that one didn't survive the quakes. So this little jug is rather special to me. I have been using it as a still life object for some studies I have been making for my latest course, unearthing, gathering, creating

I thought I'll share with you the different looks a little humble jug can have
I never go for true likeness, to me there are photocameras for that, I like my art to be what I see and so you'll notice that I don't always see the jug the same either. It depends often on my moods too.
1) monochromatic - 2) achromatic - 3) narrow analogue - 4) wide analogue - 5) complementary - 6) acrylics - 7) underpainting - 8) glazes

Friday, October 3, 2014

Brave and Boxtrolls

This week I sent off this Angel "Brave Lass" a commission for a Scottish home in Christchurch {yes she might be inspired by "Brave" the movie, what can I say, I love cartoons} 

also:  I went to see the Boxtrolls with the children and how awesome is that movie ! I love, love, love stop motion creations. I will have to go find my stop motion clay and make another attempt I feel. My first stop motion project was so small, maybe I can manage a little more this time.