Tuesday, October 7, 2014

the humble ceramic pitcher

with broad brushstrokes

I made this ceramic oil pitcher some years ago at ceramics class, build it up from coils and glazed simply black. I always liked the shape. It had a little companion jug with it, but that one didn't survive the quakes. So this little jug is rather special to me. I have been using it as a still life object for some studies I have been making for my latest course, unearthing, gathering, creating

I thought I'll share with you the different looks a little humble jug can have
I never go for true likeness, to me there are photocameras for that, I like my art to be what I see and so you'll notice that I don't always see the jug the same either. It depends often on my moods too.
1) monochromatic - 2) achromatic - 3) narrow analogue - 4) wide analogue - 5) complementary - 6) acrylics - 7) underpainting - 8) glazes

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  1. Fabulous collection of images..couldn't decide on a favourite :D XXX


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