Monday, November 3, 2014

Fairy Tales and Stories

Mixed Media with encaustic finishing - 120 x 30 cm stretched canvas
 This week I finally found some time to finish two paintings themed on fairy tales. I had been working on these for a while now, but busy times prevented me to spend a little one on one time with them to check them over and call them finished. A little sort of ritual I need to do, a final check list and then adding little finishing touches or changing small details and choosing the correct varnish or top layer for the work. I can then feel okay enough to move on to other works again. And yeah, I have a few waiting....

The first one is "the Princess on the Pea"
The Princess....
The pea ;)
 the other one is loosely inspired by Sleeping Beauty
I call it "The Midnight Kiss"
"the Midnight Kiss" - mixed media on stretched canvas


 It made me feel like doing a few more Fairy some ideas already, great way to dream away in stress-y times


  1. Love your Princess and the Pea! Beautiful works as always!

  2. Joyce, Beautiful princess with the pea-")
    As for the traveling canvas, I did send it out the following week after you contacted me, to the address you sent me. Can not recall the name or address as I wrote it down and do not think I saved it- Was it Kitty?
    My email is kampysgirl(@)(gmail)(dot)(com)


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