Monday, November 17, 2014



Houses, oh houses, the place we call home, we make our nest, our sanctuary.
I seem to have a lot of houses on my mind...I dream about them even.
This is one that just appeared when I started playing on some fresco-plaster prepped page in my journal. Also, I am working on a commission with a house and of course I made this mixed media work back in March this year, a work I still love dearly, but the house is not ours, so....

"our Sanctuary" - mixed media on wood
 ... my personal wish is to one day buy a home for the family, so that we can just stay and settle down a bit. After all the moving here and there after the quakes I feel the need for some "stable footing" Fingers crossed I find a way to make this wish come true ;) But then of course, wherever those dear to my heart peeps are, I will call home always no matter what

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