Thursday, December 25, 2014

Peaceful Christmas after mad rush

Today I am enjoying a very very slow and peaceful Christmas after a very mad and busy time before leading up to this quiet time. I just want to wish everybody else, all my friends, family, students and others that might read this blog some meaningful time to spend with loved ones. I have been feeling very rushed and very scattered lately and was longing so much for some quiet time again to spend on my kids, my man, my soul, my spirit, my heart. So I might not be "present" on line much, but I am present and around. So if you wish to get hold of me I am here. At the moment I am just in need of some deeper thinking and soul searching rather than much of the malarkey on social media. I hope you understand. I wish all of you a blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year !


  1. Wishing you the peace you crave, and the desire to start all over again in the New year :D XXX

    1. thank you Gina, wishing you all the best for the New Year as well ! xoxo


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