Saturday, January 31, 2015


detail of a commission piece I am working on
I love butterflies, always have, it's one of my "things"
I am fascinated by the process the caterpillar goes through to become the delicate and vibrantly beautiful butterfly. Last year we had a picnic table full of Monarch caterpillars and I just found two large caterpillars in the swannplant today. I have done butterflies in quite a few art pieces before. Painted, woodburned, drawn. I'll share a couple of images with you here{below} the photo up ↑ is a detail of a commission piece I am working one at the moment and I decided today to add 3 butterflies....happy I did, love them :)

Previous works ↓
"The Monarch Log" - an all around woodburned and painted wood log - sold -
DriftAngel - "Butterfly - sold -
"Flight" - mixed media on woodpanel {with collage, crayon and paint} - available -

two block books with pyrograhy front cover - {green moth still available)

the quiet jug

Still life with jug - {oil in journal}

I am working on so many different things at the moment, that this still life in oil put some quiet in the hectic mess that's my life right now.
I did this fast {like half an hour or so} to show my mum, who is visiting with us at the moment, what oilbars are and how they work.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Words with Friends

..... and this is the fourth, from the 24 January prompt at Art to the 5th's Documented Life Project 2015
January 17 - Art Challenge: Writing - Journal Prompt: "words with friends"
I started writing of course,just with a colored pencil (Polychromos)then I used Pan pastels for the background with some diluted gesso and then I took my new Sennellier oil pastels (I got 2 boxes as a Christmas gift, yay !) for the friends' faces. Played some with marksall pencil and more gesso for the speech bubbles. A fun spread, lots of fun creating ;) 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Say it with Colors

The third page in my DLP journal.
I started messing about a little with watercolors and made the little colorwheel on the left. Ended up covering most of all of it again with gesso except for the wheel and then dropped the three primary colors and covered the spread using a palette knife, some stenciling and then I found her...

Friday, January 23, 2015

The beginning

 The next page in my DLP journal.
  I started rolling white gesso on the papers with a brayer, then stained with inks and used some stencils too. The Angel is an overpainted collage cut from a magazine.  Then I wrote stuff "away" from me and used stamps, more gesso, plaster, Golden paints, pencils . Whatever came into reach...

“The beginning is always today.” -Mary Shelley

leap of Faith

Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of Faith - M. Shephard

Here is that other journal page I did this week. There are houses  still, there's also an Angel again, where the leap of Faith fits in I have no idea myself, my journal pages just happen and I don't always know why or how. It's the fist page in the {almost} square book I made and showed in my last post.
it's from the first week's prompts at Art to the 5th's Documented Life Project 2015
 For collage papers I used ledger papers, a selection of script papers, then gesso and inks and watersoluable oil pastels, soft pastels, marksall pencil, silver and gold paint and probably some other things just here and there. When journaling like this I grab whatever my hands can find. It just happens without me thinking much. Needless to say, I have no problem with the blank page, I lost that fear quite some time ago, I just go for it, take that leap of Faith with ease.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Journals and Houses

Houses on my mind {in my Dylusions journal}

I have been (and still am) making quite a few journals lately and also been journaling. I seem to do that more when my mind is not at ease. I have houses on my mind in a bad way {we have to find a new place again} so this is one of the journal spreads that came out from this. I have more, just made a new journal too, a little different with uneven pages. 


I started using for DLP 2015 at the Art to the 5th Academy site. This is a free project, so if you like the idea, join in ! just follow the link ↑ I will be sharing my first spread from this soon too.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

just hiding

Some days I just wish I could hide
wear a mask and not be recognized
just hiding from everything, everywhere,
and everybody.....

today is one of those days

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Santos cage doll

she looks regal with her crown


I found my Santos cage doll a nice crown this week.
Still had to adjust the size to fir her head, but I think it looks beautiful.
This Santos took a while to finish and I will do some things differently again next time around. I sculpted the body and the head with homemade paper clay and made jointed arms as well {well they could be a lot better, next time I will do this in a different way for sure} For the cage part I used twigs from our garden and a driftwood piece I found at the beach for the stand. Her wings were white wings to begin with, I aged them with my own patina recipe and after painting the doll I gave her a complete crackle finish which I grunged up a bit too. So she had been waiting for a nice crown for quite some time and finally I got this one. Happy, happy ! It makes her look so royal, what do you think ?

step 1
step 2
step 2 with wings

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

we need Angels

The world, the globe
a sphere
a perfect shape
Sharp objects pierce
the soul, the life
not so perfect anymore
we need Angels


remember the leather bound journal I made at the end of last year ?
I found a beautiful metal wing for it and aged it with my own patina mix and I also started my journaling. This one will probably stay for me mostly, but I thought to share this beginning with you. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

treasuring time

two beautiful Christmas gifts
Treasuring time
Time off a little to spend with the kids (it's summer holiday here now) 
and with my parents (who are over to visit) 
Time to sleep in a little (all though I have tons of prep work to do for the new school term) 
time to go to the beach, or to just "hang" 
To do all the things I would love to do when I don't have the time while work is full on.
 Alas, I probably do not have enough time to do everything I have on my to-do list, but that's not new. I do have this awesome hourglass though - one of my gorgeous Christmas presents - and the little bird keeping the strand(s of time)  "Hope", the painting I made at the end of last year is holding a very similar hourglass. These kind of things make me feel grateful and blessed.
I might have Hope framed, I think she'd look great with a frame.
What do you think ?

Hope holding her hourglass

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Wood block book

I just thought to share with you this recycled rimu woodblock book. 
A gift for my sister for Christmas, it has her rascal on the front and I woodburned the design with my wonderful Burnmaster Hawk woodburner

 I LOVE this machine !

another box with a family of fur babies I made earlier this year for a commission

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

"a New Day" -wooden box with pyrography design
Happy New Year to all my blog readers ! I really appreciate your visits. This year I will start to blog a bit more again. Will keep you up to date with all my new plans and projects. 
I have quite a few in store, so keep posted :)