Saturday, January 31, 2015


detail of a commission piece I am working on
I love butterflies, always have, it's one of my "things"
I am fascinated by the process the caterpillar goes through to become the delicate and vibrantly beautiful butterfly. Last year we had a picnic table full of Monarch caterpillars and I just found two large caterpillars in the swannplant today. I have done butterflies in quite a few art pieces before. Painted, woodburned, drawn. I'll share a couple of images with you here{below} the photo up ↑ is a detail of a commission piece I am working one at the moment and I decided today to add 3 butterflies....happy I did, love them :)

Previous works ↓
"The Monarch Log" - an all around woodburned and painted wood log - sold -
DriftAngel - "Butterfly - sold -
"Flight" - mixed media on woodpanel {with collage, crayon and paint} - available -

two block books with pyrograhy front cover - {green moth still available)


  1. Such delicate images on such a hard surface softens each piece :D Beautiful XXX


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