Saturday, January 17, 2015

Santos cage doll

she looks regal with her crown


I found my Santos cage doll a nice crown this week.
Still had to adjust the size to fir her head, but I think it looks beautiful.
This Santos took a while to finish and I will do some things differently again next time around. I sculpted the body and the head with homemade paper clay and made jointed arms as well {well they could be a lot better, next time I will do this in a different way for sure} For the cage part I used twigs from our garden and a driftwood piece I found at the beach for the stand. Her wings were white wings to begin with, I aged them with my own patina recipe and after painting the doll I gave her a complete crackle finish which I grunged up a bit too. So she had been waiting for a nice crown for quite some time and finally I got this one. Happy, happy ! It makes her look so royal, what do you think ?

step 1
step 2
step 2 with wings


  1. Now this is something new to me...haven't heard of "Santos Cage Dolls"...she is stunning even without the crown :D XXX

  2. OMG ! so in love with her !!! what a talented lady you are !!


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