Thursday, January 29, 2015

Words with Friends

..... and this is the fourth, from the 24 January prompt at Art to the 5th's Documented Life Project 2015
January 17 - Art Challenge: Writing - Journal Prompt: "words with friends"
I started writing of course,just with a colored pencil (Polychromos)then I used Pan pastels for the background with some diluted gesso and then I took my new Sennellier oil pastels (I got 2 boxes as a Christmas gift, yay !) for the friends' faces. Played some with marksall pencil and more gesso for the speech bubbles. A fun spread, lots of fun creating ;) 


  1. the text bubbles :D XXX

  2. I absolutely love this - and the speech bubbles cracked me up! :D x

    1. thanks J, had so much fun creating this, makes me smile every time I see it again ;)


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